Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mr. Amit Jain, #5 Tropical Woods (North Goa), 28th December 2015 - 4th January 2016

We would recommend this place wholeheartedly!

Had a lovely stay at villa #5 Tropical Woods.  Tranquil and scenic with a majestic view of the wetlands off our balcony. This villa is on an elevated area from the road so the view is really good.

It's a new property with all the amenities.  The decor is aesthetically pleasing and modern.

There is a swimming pool next to the villa shared by 3 or 4 villas.  It lacked a changing room but then I am nitpicking.

Special mention for the awesome cook at the villa who made mouthwatering dishes for us and for the support staff who took care of our every needs even with our erratic schedule.  They were equally courteous at 4 am when we returned.

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